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Departmet of English

'Faculty D Block', Mundra Road, Kachchh University, Bhuj-Kutch 370001


  1. MoU between Kachchh University-Bhuj-India, Bonn University-Germany, Muenster University-Germany, and Saurashtra University-Rajkot-India




   3. Photos of Prof. Janet Wilson of UK and Prof. Lisa Mooney Smith of Northampton University, United Kingdom Visit of Kachchh University


  4. Visit of Professor Dr. Nilufer E Bharucha, Mumbai University


  5. Seminar - Students of the Department of English, Kachchh University


  6. Students Seminar for Kachchh District 21st July 2009 


  7. Saurashtra Tour 5th  October-09



  8. Trip to the india-pakistan border 18th July 2009 


  9. Students cultural programme for Dr. Janet Wilson and Dr. Lisa Mooney Smith



 10. Student exchange with Ms. Anna Maria, Muenster University, Germany


 11. Visit of Balguru and Mumbai Students


 12. CV of Dr. Sridhar Rajeswaran (Click)

 13. CV of Dr. Balaji Ranganathan (Click)

 14. CV of Dr. Hitesh Raviya (Click)

 15. Joint International English Conference " Constructs of Home" Nov 2009 Theme  (Click)

 16. Schedule of International English Conference   (Click)